On Rusonice.com



The history of Rusonice.com begins before the date of its official foundation, in 2007, when there appeared Courage, an original ice show, one of the founders of which was Artem Knyazev, who now heads Rusonice.com.


Courage was conceived as a massive mix-show, connecting ice skaters, amateurs and professionals on one ice rink. It was a very free format designed for clubs and restaurants, streets and squares, which included discos, competitions, corporate events and performances of masters of sports.


Acquisition of its own synthetic ice greatly enhanced the capabilities of the company which came to be called Twizzle Show. Skating on artificial ice requires perfect skating technique and Twizzle Show, which was the first in Russia to use plastic ice, proved that its artists, masters of sports of international class and participants of the World Championships and the Olympic Games are truly the best.


During this period the company, although partly retaining the features of a mix show, greatly enlarged its repertoire with original show programmes, and thus took the next step towards the creation of the ice theater Rusonice.com.



A musical ice show From Paris with Love, which was a joint project with the Ural State Variety Theatre and was premiered on October 1, 2011, can be regarded as its first production. It was a unique fusion of genres, including pop dance, symphony jazz and magic tricks, but the core of it was figure skating, and the artists of Rusonice.com brilliantly realized the director's concept and amazed the audience with their technical skill and artistry. The project has been recognized as the most successful in the history of the Variety Theatre; it has become part of its repertoire and laid foundations for future cooperation between the Ural State Variety Theatre and Rusonice.com.


From this time onward all the productions of Rusonice.com have been premiered at the Variety Theatre which possesses greater technical capabilities to implement original ideas and solutions.


Developing a show concept is always a team work of like-minded people, including Stage Director Artem Knyazev and Set & Costume Designer Natalia Ermolaeva. The outcome of their joint work are the productions:

The Nutcracker (2012), Sleeping Beauty (2012), Cinderella (2013) and The Scarlet Flower /Beauty and the Beast (2015).


Ice show is a composite genre, the basis of which is, of course, figure skating and choreography. However, it is equally important to have a quality musical material and sound literary foundation with a dynamic plot and vivid characters, which will enable the production team to find spectacular visual solutions. Fairy tales meet all these requirements and it’s not by chance that some of them form the basis of famous ballets. Tales are equally popular with producers and the audience and it doesn’t matter that it is a hundredth or, perhaps, a thousandth variation of an old theme; there always remains room for fantasy, unexpected plot turns and original design.


While developing a design concept preference is given to minimalist solutions. The use of projection technology, lighting effects and color contrasts is consistent with the trends of contemporary theater and meets expectations of the audience. In addition, the minimal use of decorative designs leaves the stage open, which is important for ice dancing.


With this approach the productions of Rusonice.com can be shown at various venues, where the technicians of the company will be able to assemble the ice court, and if necessary, the stage with a curtain in the shortest possible time. The venues can range from an ordinary gym to one of the oldest Russian theaters and from a closed sports arena to an open skating rink.


Rusonice.com is primarily a travelling company, whose productions have already been shown not only in many Russian cities but also abroad, including Latin America, Turkey and Israel. At the same time the company aims at tackling complex problems and creating highly artistic works, which is proved by the Golden Cylinder prize awarded to the ice ballet Sleeping Beauty (2013).


Rusonice.com tries itself in different genres, ranging from an ice ballet (Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker) to a circus show on ice (Cinderella) and ice extravaganza (The Scarlet Flower/Beauty and the Beast), and successfully masters innovative theatrical forms, in particular, interactivity, which makes a production more attractive for both children and adults.


Today Rusonice.com has firmly established its reputation as a company creating high-quality productions for family viewing, and intends to go further. An upcoming major project is designed for an adult audience and is supposed to become the first step towards creating a repertoire for adults.

A show for adult audiences, #iloveyou, is scheduled to be premiered in October 2015. It's a kaleidoscope of love stories, named after a popular Instagram hashtag. The next step towards creating an adult repertoire will be the ice ballet Sleeping Beauty.

And there is a surprise awaiting young audiences in the upcoming season, it is Fixi-Carnival on Ice. Favorite cartoon characters will put on skates and entertain the public with a super-modern show with a fascinating story, dances and circus acts. The Fixis on Ice project will be developed in the arena-show format as a large-scale ice production.